Concept of Kaal काल (Time)

Concept of Kaal काल (Time)

The word Kaal काल has been used in many contexts in Ayurved. Mainly, it has been used in relation with:

  • Time of the day
  • Season
  • Disease state (Acute /Chronic)

Time of the Day: This is important as the diktats in the Ayurvedic texts gave the daily routine conduct as per the time of the day eg. some exercises done at a particular time of the day can deliver the desired effects but when done at the wrong time can give rise to health problems. 

Season: Different doshas too get vitiated in different seasons, therefore the guidelines for seasonal conduct help us to understand the difference we need to bring in as far as the daily regime and diet are concerned.

Disease State: The treatment in the acute stage of the disease is different from that of chronic stage.

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