Table of Contents

Quality Evaluation of Metals & Minerals

  • Assay of elements by chemical methods and by AAS (Atomic Abosorption Spectrophotometer).
  • The impurity profile of samples of raw material by AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy).

Quality Evaluation of Herbals

  • Identification of the plant /part of the plant by Macroscopic & Microscopic examination.
  • Foreign matter
  • Ash
  • Water, Alcohol and Ethyl acetate soluble extractive extractive values.
  • Heavy metals
  • TLC (Thin layer Chromatography)

Quality Evaluation of Intermediates

It includes evaluation of Shodhita i.e purified raw materials, Kadhas i.e decoction for Bhavana (specialized process in preparation of Ayurvedic medicine) , Bulk for tableting etc. as per established in-house standards.

Quality Evaluation of Finished Products

It includes evaluation of finished products like Arogyavardhani, Chandraprabha, Gold containing products etc. as per established in-house standards, which include:

  1. Elemental assay by AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer) and Chemical methods
  2. Other common parameters like Ash, Acid insoluble Ash, Loss-on-Ignition
  3. Ayurvedic parameters: ( for Bhasma )
  4. TLC (Thin layer Chromatography)
  5. Safety evaluation of random batches of selected products by conducting acute toxicity studies.

At SDL, we carry out quality evaluation as per specifications laid down in Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India and established in-house standards i.e. SDS.