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Medojjay is the combination of Meda care. It helps in fat metabolism.

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Medojjay is the formulation beneficial in regularising abnormal fat metabolism. It helps to maintains healthy weight. Medojjay is effective in metabolic disorders by improving liver function and Meda Dhatvagni Vardhak. It is also beneficial in reducing excess Meda from the body parts like neck, abdomen, and waist region.

Each 10 ml contains extract derived from Kanchanara 1000.0 mg, Haritaki 200.0 mg, Bibhitaki 200.0 mg, Amalaki 200.0 mg, Musta 200.0 mg, Shodhit Guggulu 200.0 mg, (Guduchi Shodhit) 200.0 mg, Asana 200.0 mg, Kumari 100.0 mg, Dhataki 100.0 mg, Daruharidra 50.0 mg, Agaru 50.0 mg, Indrayava 50.0 mg, Yashti 50.0 mg, Arjuna 50.0 mg, Lodhra 50.0 mg, Rasna 50.0 mg, Karchoora 50.0 mg, Ushira 50.0 mg, Bilva 50.0 mg , Tvak 25.0 mg, Lavanga 25.0 mg, Shunthi 25.0 mg, Maricha 25.0 mg, Pippali 25.0 mg, Vidanga 25.0 mg, Guda q.s.

Improves Meda Dhatvagni, Helps to metabolise excess Meda, Removes excess Meda accumulation over body parts like neck, abdomen and waist region

Net Quantity: 450 ml

10 to 20 ml (2 to 4 teaspoonful) twice a day with lukewarm water or as directed by the Physician.


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