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An Ayurved Hair & Scalp Care Therapy.
Shatavari is a well-known health promoting herb. It works as a nutritive tonic for both men and women of all age groups promoting physical and mental health.
Infuses fresh energy, helps replenish lost vitality, promotes total health. As an Ayurved Rasayan, it is useful in general cases of challenged immunity, debility and weakness.
Exclusive For Physicians
A well-known Pottali Kalpa for its use in disorders of advanced disease conditions of Pranavaha Srotas like Kasa, Shwasa and Kshaya.
A Pottali Kalpa effective in various acute as well as chronic disease conditions.
An efficacious Pottali Kalpa in the disorders like Prameha and diseases of Shukravaha Srotas & Artavavaha Srotas.
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A potent Ayurvedic formulation that can be effective in improving mental wellbeing. Its pure herbal ingredients can help in improving mental health and may be able to improve cognitive functioning of the brain.
A potent formulation prepared from Sootashekhar Rasa (Suvarnayukta), Aragvadh, Avipattikar Choorna, etc. is beneficial in vitiated Pitta & related symptoms. Enhances appetite, improves digestion, acts as laxative, carminative, liver stimulant.
The choorna with combination of 3 fruits i.e. Hirada, Behada & Amla, is an excellent Mruduvirechak, Agnideepak, Rasayan. Useful in Malavashtambha (constipation) due to its mild laxative action. Excellent in Prameha, Kushtha, Agnimandya, Pandu, Netraroga.
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