Hemagarbha Pottali

Hemagarbha Pottali



Hemagarbha Pottali is a well-known Pottali Kalpa containing Swarna (Gold) Bhasma often administered in Pranavaha disorders like cough, Kasa, breathlessness, feeble pulse, Shwasa, emaciation, Kshaya, tuberculosis, as emergency or SOS medicine.

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Expiry: 3 years from Date of Manufacture


Hemagarbha Pottali is a well-known Pottali Kalpa for its use in disorders of advanced disease conditions of Pranavaha Srotas like Kasa, Shwasa and Kshaya. It may be used for breathlessness, feeble pulse, emaciation, tuberculosis as emergency or SOS medicine.

Shodhit Parada, Shodhit Gandhaka, Suvarna (Svarna) bhasma, Tamra bhasma and Kumari leaf swaras

Acute & chronic conditions of Pranavaha Srotas viz. Shwasa, Kasa and even deep set ailment like Kshaya i.e. Rajayakshama. The formulation is also effective in chronic condition of Annavaha Srotas viz. Grahani and associated Jeerna Atisar.

0.5 ratti is the dose mentioned in the text. We recommend 0.5 ratti i.e. 62.5 mg in divided doses depending on the condition of patient and disease, preferably with ginger juice & honey.

Net Quantity: 1 Pottali


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