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Ayurved is a word composed of two words namely, Ayu or Life and Ved or to Know.

In simple words, the word Ayurved means a way of understanding life. But Ayurved runs much deeper than that.

It encompasses the knowledge of things around us including plant and animal kingdom as well as things of mineral origin.

Ayurved and all its allied branches are based on this very important principle called Panchamahabhoota (पंचमहाभूत). It states that the universe is composed of five basic cardinal elements namely, Pruthvi पृथ्वी (Earth), Jala जल (Water), Tej तेज (Fire), Vayu वायू (Air) and Aakash आकाश (Space) each having its own characteristics.
Prakriti is the individual constitution of a person. It is the group of physical as well as mental characteristics which makes every organism in the universe different from other. Prakriti remains unchanged for life.

Your unique constitution determines what’s best for you.

Know My Prakriti