The Six Rasas (Tastes) as per Ayurved

The Six Rasas (Tastes) as per Ayurved

According to Ayurvedic system of medicine the complete diet is one which is composed of six Rasas or Tastes namely:

1  Madhura मधुर (Sweet) 4  Katu कटु  (Pungent)
2  Amla  अम्ल  (Sour) 5  Tikta तिक्त (Bitter)
3  Lavan लवण (Salty) 6  Kashay कषाय (Astringent)

All these Rasas have their own properties, character and functions. The table below explains the relationship between Rasa and Dosha

 Rasa Dosha Pacified Dosha Aggravated
Madhura मधुर Vata, Pitta Kapha
Amla  अम्ल Vata Pitta, Kapha
Lavan लवण Vata Kapha, Pitta
Katu कटु Kapha Vata, Pitta
Tikta तिक्त Kapha, Pitta Vata
Kashaya कषाय Kapha, Pitta Vata

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