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SDL has identified R & D as the major focus area for growth plans of the future. We at SDL believe that me-too formulations and Ayurvedic alternatives to modern science molecules cannot be the future. SDL believes that Ayurvedic science has been wrongly read on the lines of tribal and magic remedy solutions and not for the depth that this science represents in health management.
SDL believes that Ayurved can offer unique solutions to the health problems faced by today’s fast changing world.

The Company is developing itself as a technical center for fundamental and applied research in Ayurved. The R & D Centre is also giving developmental and technical assistance like product development, clinical trials, ethical animal testing, quality improvement, development of quality assurance parameters, herbal cultivation etc. to organizations which require this assistance.

A team of research workers is engaged in the study of ancient scriptures for developing the new formulae and perfecting the products in the light of modern scientific knowledge.

Our Facilities

The company has an in-house Research and Development facility which is recognized by DST (Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India). It has a multi-disciplinary technical team for chemical and instrumental analysis, for standardization of raw material and finished products and for dosage development. The laboratory is well equipped with instruments like AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer), UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Infra Red Spectrophotometer etc.

The standards are followed for day to day monitoring of quality of the raw materials and finished products. The standards are updated on a regular basis.

We have our own animal house duly registered with CPCSEA for pharmacological and safety studies. Primarily the animal house is used to carry out acute toxicity studies on random batches to confirm safety of our metal based products.

We have a nursery for organic cultivation of selected medicinal plants required for production and R & D. 

Thus SDL is in an enviable position to undertake various research projects involving  fundamental research work in Ayurvedic medicine and is currently working on it.

Research Activities

    1. Development of standards and methods for testing of raw materials used by the company and for the finished products manufactured.

    2.  Development of new products based on the requirement of the market. The activity involves developing standards for ingredients, Formulation including excipients, SOP including process parameters, in-process quality checks, standards for the finished product, stability and shelf life etc.

      3. Process improvement has been undertaken for the processing of ‘Asawarishtas’, one of the major category of the products to reduce the processing time and at the same time achieve better batch to batch consistency. Processing of ‘Guggul Kalpas’ has also been streamlined to achieve more homogenous product simultaneously saving substantial quantity of fuel. Modern technology has been adapted in the process of ‘Bhavanavidhi’ to reduce process time. It may be mentioned that these improvements have been implemented on production scale without compromising the basic tenets of Ayurvedic processing.

      4. Safety evaluation of selected products by conducting acute and chronic toxicity studies has been undertaken.

Setting of standards for Raw Materials

The R & D department, after extensively studying several lots of various raw materials, has established our own in-house standards for more than 200 raw materials required for SDL products. These standards are used to monitor the quality of raw materials on a day-to-day basis. They are regularly updated to keep in tune with scientific progress.

Setting of standards for Finished Products

The company has 191 products on its pricelist and has established standards for all the products. The standards have been laid down after studying and analyzing more than 20 batches of every product. Chromatographic fingerprinting, quantification of active substances and of markers, quantitative estimation of elements in metallic preparations by Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy are some of the techniques employed for the purpose.

Evaluation of Safety

Rasuashadhis are one of the main products of our company. These are metal based products used extensively in Ayurvedic therapeutics. Due to presence of metals there is a general concern for safety. As a precautionary measure SDL carries out acute toxicity study according to OECD guideline on random batches of all metal based products to ensure that they are safe for use. These studies are carried out in company’s own animal house.

Research Projects

SDL has completed the following Govt sponsored projects:

  1. Research project sponsored by CCRAS titled “Study of Shodhan sanskara-Ayurvedic purification method of Parad (Mercury) & Gandhak (Sulphur) and toxicity of bhasma”. The project aimed with objectives to evolve SOP for Shodhanvidhi of Mercury and Sulphur and identify the selection parameters for variety of materials like – Mercury, Sulphur, Garlic and Milk. To study Physico-chemical parameter transformation occurring in Mercury and garlic juice after “Shodhan Sanskara”. In the same way to study the transformation that takes place in Sulphur and Milk. Chronic toxicity studies of Tamra bhasma, Suvarnarajvangeshwar and Nag bhasma were carried out under this project.

  2. We have completed a project titled “Development of Herbo- mineral and Plant Based, Disease Oriented Immunomodulator Formulations”, funded by DST (Department of Science and Technology) in partnership with GS Medical College, Mumbai; BYL Nair Charitable Hospital, Mumbai and Regional Research Laboratory, Jammu Tawi (J & K) now known as IIIM. Under this project two immuno -modulator formulations have been developed. Right from quality of ingredients, through in process materials, the standards of quality of the finished products were established. This was followed by evaluation of safety and efficacy of one formulation. The formulations are undergoing further development.

  3. The company has participated actively in the NMITLI project. It was involved as an industry partner in development of anti-diabetic and anti-arthritic formulations. It is in the process of negotiation with CSIR to procure the rights for the anti-diabetic formulation.

  4. Currently the company is participating in a project of evolving SOPs for selected Bhasmas sponsored by CCRAS as one of the four industry partners. The work involves preparing 5 bhasmas as per the method provided by APC. The bhasmas will be analyzed for set parameters following standard methods of analysis. Based on the results the SOPs for preparing the bhasmas will be finalized.Information generated through the study will be published and given wide publicity so that the science of Ayurved is benefited and Rasoushadhies are seen in proper perspective.


Shree Dhootapapeshwar Ayurvedic Research Foundation was established in 1949 under chairmanship of Vaidya Venumadhav Shastri. It is an organisation dedicated to challenges concerning updating of the Ayurvedic tenets. Standardized, Authentic, Safe and Efficacious are the virtues this research foundation validates for Ayurvedic formulations.

The Road Ahead

The answer to the future of Ayurved lies in the colossal shift of people around the world towards the great knowledge of Ayurved. Some of the prominent personalities from around world are already using Ayurved as main line of treatment. Few countries of the west have institutionalized this 5,000 year old medicine from india, by recognizing it as an official system of medicine.

The world at large is now realizing the significance of holistic approach of Ayurved. It has taken notice of  tremendous healing power of Ayurvedic formulations which are all natural. Scholars of Western medicine are turning towards Ayurved with great hope and expectations to seek answers to the questions still unanswered by Modern medicine. Our R & D team is working tirelessly to fulfill these ever increasing expectations.