Prakriti is the unique, individual constitution of an individual which remains unchanged for life.

It encompasses the physical, physiological and mental characteristics of a person, and defines how the person reacts to their surrounding environment, as well as external factors including medicine. Diagnosis in Ayurvedic system of medicine cannot be complete without defining the constitution of an individual, as the treatment differs according to Prakriti of an individual. This is because Ayurved medicine is tailored to suit an individual person.  

Answer the questions below to know your dominant Dosha/s, which determine your Prakriti. 

Tick all boxes that are applicable to you.

My body is

My physique is

My skin is

My complexion is

My hair is

My nails are

My teeth are

My gums are

My joints are

My activities are

My sleep is

My appetite is

My thirst is

My preferred tastes are

My bowel habits are

My cold tolerance:

I sweat

My eyes are

My Voice/Speech is

My concentration is

My intelligence is

My nature is





The Dosha with the highest number of points signifies your dominant Dosha. For more information and advice, please get in touch with your physician / Vaidya.

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