Characteristics of Kapha Prakriti

Kapha Prakriti

Characteristics of Kapha Prakriti

In this article, we explore the characteristics of Kapha Prakriti.

  • Individuals of Kapha Prakriti have smooth, somewhat oily and gentle bodies
  • They have attractive and tender physique
  • They have fair complexion
  • They have strong, stable and muscular body with strong joints
  • Their actions are slow and measured, they do not start any thing hastily, do it after detail thinking but complete the work at any cost
  • They are slow eaters and slow talkers
  • They have deep and sound sleep
  • They usually do not suffer from anxiety and similar problems.
  • They do not get angry easily.
  • They have less appetite and thirst.
  • They sweat less
  • They have clear vision and lustrous look on face
  • They have deep rooted and strong voice
  • They take time to grasp the things but their memory is good
  • They are sexually more strong and active.


Summary: In short, Kapha prakriti individuals are Strong, Stable, Energetic, Intelligent, of quiet nature and with long life span.

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