Characteristics of Vata Prakriti

Vata Prakriti

Characteristics of Vata Prakriti

In this article, let’s explore the characteristics of Vata Prakriti.

  • They have small, thin, weak physique with rough skin.
  • They have a rough, slow, stammering and weak voice.
  • Their sleep is less and broken.
  • Their appetite is less hence they tend to eat at irregular intervals and in less quantity.
  • There are usually hyperactive.
  • They have less control on their speech and thought process therefore have the tendency to talk on irrelevant subjects.
  • Their joints are weak and have less lubrication hence make cracking noise during movements.
  • Tendons and veins are clearly visible on body surface due to slim body with thin skin.
  • They start the work hastily without thinking and tend to leave it incomplete.
  • They get distressed, frightened and anxious very easily.
  • Have good grasping power but tend to forget the things easily. In short, they have poor memory.
  • Due to weak physical and mental state, they have tendency to fall ill.
  • They can not tolerate cold weather, cold food etc.
  • They have rough beard, mustache, hair, teeth and nails
  • They have cracked skin and rough body hairs
  • They are sexually less active compared to Kapha and Pitta prakriti individuals.

    Summary: In short Vata Prakriti individuals are weak, with poor intelligence and with less life span.

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