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Maha Swarna Brahma Yog

Maha Swarna Brahma Yog



Maha Swarna Brahma Yog is a dispersible tablet prepared for Swarna Prashan, recommended for children from ages two to sixteen years. Each administration provides 2.35mg standardised Swarna Bhasma.

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  • 150 Tablets
  • 30 Tablets
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Expiry: 5 years from the date of manufacture

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135, Nanubhai Desai Rd., Khetwadi, Mumbai-400004.
Tel.: +91-22-23829874 (Mon to Fri from 10 am to 5 pm, excepting holidays)


Maha Swarna Brahma Yog is a dispersible tablet prepared for Swarna Prashan. Along with Suvarna Bhasma, it contains Medhya Dravya such as Brahmi Ghana, Shankhapushpi Ghana. The product is recommended for children of age group two years to sixteen years. It provides a precise dose of 2.35mg standardized Swarna Bhasma in each administration of Swarna Prashan. It helps to enhance memory and concentration in children as well as improves immunity.

Each tablet contains: Swarna Bhasma – 2.35mg, Mishreya – 5mg, Brahmi Ghana – 55mg and Shankhapushpi Ghana – 105mg.

Maha Swarna Brahma Yog helps to enhance intellect and memory. It helps to improve grasping, retention and recollection power. Owing to presence of Medhya Dravya, it proves effective in problems seen in children like mental stress, anxiety, irritability, fear of examinations, disturbed sleep, lack of concentration and memory etc. Maha Swarna Brahma Yog is best Medhya Rasayan in various stages of childhood between age two to sixteen.

1 Tablet of Maha Swarna Brahma Yog regularly for 6 months depending on child’s age or physical condition or disease condition.

Net Quantity: 30 tablets, 150 tablets


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