Maha Swarna Yog

Maha Swarna Yog



Maha Swarna Yog is a dispersible tablet prepared for Swarna Prashan providing benefits such as Medhavardhan, Ayuvardhan, Balvardhan, Agnivardhan. Each administration provides 2mg standardised Swarna Bhasma.

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  • 150 Tablets
  • 30 Tablets
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Expiry: 5 years from Date of Manufacture


Maha Swarna Yog is dispersible tablet prepared for Swarna Prashan. It provides a precise dose of 2mg standardized Swarna Bhasma in each Swarna Prashan administration.

Key benefits of Swarna Prashan with Maha Swarna Yog are:

  • Medhavardhan
  • Ayuvardhan
  • Balvardhan
  • Agnivardhan


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