Concept of Aatma आत्मा (Soul)

Concept of Aatma आत्मा (Soul)

Aatma (आत्मा) or Soul is again one of the unique concepts of Ayurved. Aatma can not be seen, felt or heard but its existence in the body means living and its exit defines the death of a living being.

Aatma or soul is the essence of life and the source of supreme knowledge. It is of two types namely,

Jivatma (जीवात्मा)  – It is the soul of an individual which differs from individual to individual.

Paramatma (परमात्मा) It is the sole divine power in the universe and the source of absolute knowledge in the world.

At the time of death, Jivatma liberates from the body without been seen or felt to submerge in the Paramatma.

Derivation of knowledge is the result of co-ordination between Aatma, Mana and Indriya which is explained in the following Shloka.

आत्मा मनस: संयुज्यते मन: इन्द्रियेण इन्द्रियार्थेण प्रत्यक्षं ज्ञानं प्रवर्तते |

For the perception of anything, Aatma (soul) should coordinate with Mana (Mind) which then should have proper connection with Indriya or sense (for example sense of hearing) and finally Indriya have to connect with its Artha or sensation (for example hearing sensation).

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