Concept of Mana (मन) or Mind

Concept of Mana (मन) or Mind

The living body is composed not only of Physical substances but as per Ayurved it has certain other very important factors like Mana and Aatma. Let’s discuss Mana first which is a Unique concept of Ayurved.

Mana can be co-related with mind though concept of Mana is much broader than that of mind. Ayurvedic scholars always had very clear concept of mind. They say derivation of any knowledge in the world is the result of perfect coordination between senses i.e Indriya and mind i.e Mana.

It can be explained by a simple example. When we sit in a meeting, our sense of hearing and mind work in co-ordination. Sound waves which fall on our ear are grasped by our sense of hearing but derivation of knowledge comes only when mind act as coordinator between sense of hearing and brain. If our mind wonders here and there sounds or words are received but without understanding. The thinking process is controlled by mind with the help of intellect.

Ayurved scholars have categorized the Mana or Mind as follows

i) Satvik  ii) Rajasik and iii) Tamasik

Satwik (सात्विक)

Satvik is the adjective derived from the word ‘Satva’ which denotes all good qualities like Intellect, knowledge, gratitude, humbleness, obedience etc. Hence Person with satwik mind is faithful, honest, kind, generous, unselfish, calm, intelligent, cheerful and humble. He or she is mentally stable. They have lot of patience and do the things after careful thinking in systematic way.

Rajasik (राजसिक)

Rajasik is the adjective derived from the word ‘Raja’ which denotes qualities like anger, jealousy, hypocrisy, ungratefulness hence Person with Rajasik mind is very active, aggressive, short tempered, liar, anxious, egoistic, deceiving and Cruel. They have no patience and try to finish the things in rush. They have haphazard way of working.

Tamasik (तामसिक)

Tamasik is the adjective derived from the word ‘Tama’ which denotes qualities like laziness, lassitude, dejection, frightfulness, ignorance hence Person with Tamsik mind is atheist, lazy, ignorant, atrocious, wicked and always depressed. They tend to delay the work and have no sense of responsibility.

Basically every individual have characteristics of all three, temperament of an individual is labeled depending on the dominance of one of them.

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