The understanding of the Science of Ayurved is incomplete without having a complete understanding of Dravya (द्रव्य).

Though Dravya (द्रव्य) in simple English can be called as Matter or Substance, it has much more depth than that. Broadly Dravya (द्रव्य) can be divided as,

1. Karan Dravya  कारण द्रव्य (Causal factors) :

These consist of the elements which are the building blocks for the formation of Karya Dravya कार्य द्रव्य. They are total nine in number including Panchamahabhoota पंचमहाभूत, Dik दिक् (Direction), Kaal काल (Time), Aatma आत्मा (Soul) and Mana मन (Mind).

2. Karya Dravyas  कार्य द्रव्य (Effectual factors)

These are the Dravyas formed from Karan Dravyas which include all living, non living elements in the universe. For example, the whole plant and animal kingdom, as well as things which are of mineral origin come under Karya Dravya.

Karya Dravyas are further divided into three types depending on their action on most important body factors responsible for Health which are The Doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These types are: 

  1. Shaman (शमन)Dravyas that pacify the Doshas.
  2. Kopan (कोपन)Dravyas that aggravate the Doshas
  3. Swasthahita (स्वस्थहित)Dravyas that keep the Doshas or other associated elements in equilibrium and maintain the health.

The following articles cover elements of the Karan Dravya


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