Seasonal Diet & Conduct (Rutucharya) in Vasant  (वसंत) Rutu – Spring

Seasonal Diet & Conduct (Rutucharya) in Vasant  (वसंत) Rutu – Spring

In the season of Vasant (वसंत) or spring, ‘Kapha’ accumulated in the earlier season (Shishir) is liquified by the heat of the sun which results in diminished Agni (digestive activity). Diseases with ‘Kapha’ dominance are common in this season.

Diet Regimen

In this season, digestive activity is diminished as such hence easily digestible food with astringent, bitter and pungent properties should preferably be consumed. It would help reducing the increased Kapha and normalising the Agni (Digestive activity).

Consumption of barley, honey, roasted meat, mango juice is advisable.

Beverages such as Asava (Fermented infusion), Arista (Fermented decoction), Sidhu (Fermented sugarcane juice) and honey mixed with water can be had. Water boiled with extracts of chandan (Sandal wood) is also advisable.

Diet and Conduct during Vasant or Spring


Spinach, Fenugreek, Bitter melon, Garlic Ginger, Onion, Radish, Green beans, Broccoli, Peas, Beetroot, Pointed gourd (Parval), Ridge gourd, Elephant yam.


Pomegranate, Apple, Pear, Oranges, Berries, Lime.

Grains / Pulses

Puffed rice, Millet, Bajara, Wheat, Barley, Moong, Masoor, Jowar.



Cumin seeds, Mustard seeds, Red and green chilies, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Carum seeds, Clove, Turmeric.


Ghee, Honey, Warm milk, Butter-milk, Saffron.


Regular exercise, dry body massage, bath with warm water, application of aromatic and cooling substances like sandal on the body.

Sleeping during the day time should be strictly avoided.

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