Ayurved in Vedas

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Ayurved in Vedas

Vedas are the most ancient, classic texts known to mankind. There are four Vedas namely Rhugved, Yajurved, Samved and Atharvaved.

It can be said that Ayurved, in the written form, is first found in Vedas. In all of them, ‘Ashwini Kumar’ is famously mentioned as ‘Dev Vaidya ’ or ‘Ayurvedic Physician of Gods’.

Though Ayurved finds its mention in all the four Vedas in one form or the other, Ayurved is elaborately explained in the last of the Vedas – Atharvaved which is the first Health Science. It is composed in a manner that would help humans understand their body as well as mind, explain the normal functions, the causes responsible for disturbance in the function, how to set this disturbance right and also how to attain Moksha – a state where the Soul gets liberated.

It also has detailed description of Principles of Ayurved, types of treatment along with elaborate explanation of over 200 medicinal plants. In addition to this, Atharvaved also encompasses the information of the body, various parts and organs along with important processes observed in a living human being like digestion, circulation, reproduction etc. Ayurved is therefore, considered Upaved of Atharvaved and is also named as ‘Pancham Ved’ or the fifth Ved.


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