History of Ayurved

History of Ayurved

Ever since human race came into existence, the necessity and imperativeness to remain healthy and have a long life was understood well. To this end, man developed various methods and practiced them. As these were practiced, the ways and means to cure the ailments were also developed. 

Over the years, these practices turned into different ‘Systems of Medicine’. Today we can identify many such ‘Systems of Medicine’ or ‘Medical Sciences’.

The origin of Ayurved, can however be traced back to more than 5,000 years. The Science that originated basically to guide the mankind to live a long healthy life, also dealt with the reasons for Health to get affected and goes on to suggest means to keep the body as well as mind in the best possible state. The methodologies and substances that can help the body and mind get into the best of health, if the health has taken a beating – due to various reasons like improper diet, behavior, mental set-up so on – are also elaborated. It’s a Science that has stood the test of time, a Science that has been preached and practiced for generations. Excavations by Archeologists have revealed that there were three World famous Universities teaching Ayurved – all located in ancient India, namely ‘Takshasheela’, ‘Vikramsheela’ and ‘Nalanda’. Students from all over the world studied in these universities and through them, the Principles of Ayurved spread to many other countries. Other Systems of Medicine developed taking inspiration from Ayurved that was learnt by foreign students from India and carried all over the World. Ayurved, therefore can be considered – in true sense – the ‘Mother of all Medical Sciences’.

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