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Swarna Prashan

Swarna Prashan is a time tested method practiced for thousands of years to improve overall health of children. Swarna Prashan means administration of Swarna Bhasma mixed with ghee & honey to the child. Swarna Prashan Sanskar, as mentioned in ancient classics of Ayurved, imparts health and intelligence naturally. Acharya Kashyap mentions that Swarna Prashan ,when taken for a month makes the child "Parama Medhavi" (intelligent) , boosts immunity to protect child from diseases and when taken for six months the child gains unparalleled memory power and becomes "Shruta Dhara" which literally means one who can grasp everything he or she hears.

Swarna Prashan, also called as Suvarna Prashan, Swarna Bindu Prashan, Swarna Amrut Prashan, Suvarnaprashana in different parts of India, is one of the important Ayurved regime to support children's developing immune system and intelligence in the early and most crucial stage of development.

Swarna Prashan Sanskar with Maha Swarna Yog

Bala Vardhan

Bala Vardhan

Improves strength and immunity, thus prevents frequent illnesses like cold, cough, fever etc.

Medha Vardhan

Medha Vardhan

Improves intelligence, Also improves memory power and oratory skills.



Increases Sarvadaihik Shukra which improves energy and vigor in children.


Ayush Vardhan

Helps improve healthy life span.

Ayush Vardhan

Agni Vardhan

Improves appetite and digestion.

Agni Vardhan


Improves complexion and imparts healthy glow.

Swarna Prashan | Suvarna Prashan

Can I give Swarna Prashan to my child?

  • Surely, it should be given to every child.
  • It can be given from birth till 16 yrs of age.
  • It gives better results if given daily.
  • It should NOT be given in children suffering from actue ailments like fever, cold, diarrhea


Each Maha Swarna Yog Tablet contains Swarna Bhasma 2mg, Mishreya 5mg.

  • Swarna Bhasma is prepared following the best methods described in Bharat Bhaishajya Ratnakar 5/8357.
  • Mishreya is Deepan, which improves the digestion in children

The secret of this tablet is that it disperses within a minute and gives precise 2mg Swarna Bhasma in each dose

Dosage & Anupan:

  • One tablet of Maha Swarna Yog should be given to children daily along with cow's ghee & honey or as recommended by your Ayurved physician.
  • Ayurved classics recommend Swarnaprashan from the time of birth till 16 years of age.
  • Some prefer giving Swarnaprashan only on Pushya Nakshatra day of the Indian calendar which arrives roughly once in 28 days.
  • However, according to Acharya Kashyap in order to obtain maximum benefits of Swarnaprashan, it should be given daily
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How to Administer Swarna Prashan with Maha Swarna Yog:

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How is it better than the Conventional Swarnaprashan

MSY Bottle
When given in the form of drops, Swarna Bhasma tends to settle down, Hence accuracy of the dose could not be guaranteed. Ghee solidifies in winter. It need to be liquefied before administration. Hence, it becomes difficult to measure the exact dose of Swarna prashan by conventional method.
Being dispersible tablet Maha Swarna Yog ensures easy administration and guaranteed 2 mg Swarna Bhasma in every dose.
Ayurvedic Parameters
Modern Parameters
As the Swarna Bhasma included in the product is manufactured by Shree Dhootapapeshwar Limited, it is standardized on Ayurvedic as well as modern parameters, hence it is safe for children.
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Golden Moments: Swarna Prashan with Maha Swarna Yog

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