Advent of Modern Analytical Tools in AYU Healthcare

In the present day, human is getting more customized with use of electronic gadgets, software controlled machines in day to day lifestyle and workplaces. Earlier people used to refer to a physician only when they fell sick. Now the approach has drastically shifted with proactive visiting to health clinic for expert advice and keeping the health information on their digital briefcase.

Is the ayurvedic industry trying to keep pace with the technology?

It’s high time that Ayurved Industry starts adopting data analytics/statistical app of patient’s treatment and health findings. They need to explore how such information can benefit in monitoring the patient’s health and product performance.

Today there is need to transform & upgrade health system which will eventually reduce medical costs, improve patient’s cure and provide better access to health information. This is only possible when industry change their mindset from being a drug manufacturer to a health provider. Consequently pharmaceutical sector must explore the potential of digital, online analytical tools for this approach.

Such changes are expected with collaborations and involvement of industry with hospitals which will develop physician-patient dynamics.

Although the Ayurvedic sector has started using some analytical tools, there is still a scope for development. Ignoring the advent of such analytical tools would also mean loosing business in certain cases. AYU Health care industry should start implementing these modern tools in their basic day to day operations. Early detection of disease and its management is the key for effective healthcare business.

The majority of scholars have realized the need to respond to the unique change in ayurvedic system of medical sciences. Healthcare companies are now trending to move from treatment to preventive management of the diseases. So are we ready to take the challenge & upgrade our AYU sector with latest tools and technology? 




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