How Serious is the Impact of Quality Failures?

When the trend of Ayurvedic medicines is raising globally, are the manufacturers really serious to ensure & deliver best quality of Ayurvedic Medicines?

Moreover are they aware of Basics of Ayurved, its processing, Text references, Grantha, Patha, shloka? Are they focused on business rather than safety, quality & efficacy? Although regulatory bodies like FDA, Ayush are contentiously working in association with Industry, does the mere compliance of FDA regulatory norms like schedule T is sufficient to deliver high quality products? So can we hope that manufacturers will ardently achieve best quality ayurvedic drug production without intervention of regulating bodies?

Industry has to analyse retrospectively the impact of quality failures which may happen due to shortcuts in quality management system. Some manufacturers play with cost-cutting of medicines while overlooking various steps in processing like Shodhan Vidhi, Bhavana Vidhi, Putan sanskar and many more. They are intentionally taking calculated risks with such approaches. These manufacturers should evaluate whether the savings are worth the cost of company. They need to be aware that such negligence can become major cause of failures.

Industry should evaluate direct & indirect loss if a product fails in Quality. Direct cost may be loss of revenue, disposal of rejected materials & non-availability of rejected medicines. Further loss may be on account of recalls, suspended operations, settling legal notices etc. And above all is loss of reputation which may tarnish the image of Ayurved as a whole system which is very difficult to recover.

Do the companies evaluate the impact of compromising the quality on long run?


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