Latin Name

Butea monosperma

English Name

Flame of the forest, Parrot tree

Sanskrit Name


Part Used

Bark, Flowers, Gum and Seeds
(त्वक्, पुष्प, निर्यास, बीज)

Effect on Dosha

Pacifies Kapha and vata; flowers pacify Kapha and Pitta

Properties and Uses

Its seeds have potent anthelmintic action especially effective in Round worms. Its bark decoction is used in loss of appetite, piles due to its carminative and liver stimulant action. Its flowers and gum has blood clotting properties hence used in haemoptysis, epistaxis and vaginal discharge. Flowers have styptic action on intestine hence used in dysentery. Gum has nourishing as well as aphrodisiac properties. Bark, Flowers and Gum is used as supplementary in the treatment of fractures.

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