Latin Name

Datura metel

English Name

Thorne apple

Sanskrit Name


Part Used

Leaves, Flowers and Seeds
(पत्र, पुष्प, बीज)

Effect on Dosha

Pacifies Kapha and Vata

Properties and Uses

It has depressing effect on all body systems hence when given in medicinal dosage acts as an effective analgesic agent. It reduces spasmodic pain in abdomen by decreasing peristalsis. It acts as bronchodilator and reduces mucus secretions hence used in asthmatic conditions. It induces relaxation of urinary bladder and ureter; therefore used in nocturnal diuresis (Bed wetting). It reduces all the secretions in the body including intestinal secretions, bile, sweat and mucus. Its external application is used in localized swelling and piles as pain killer.

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