Balchaturbhadrika Syrup
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Balchaturbhadrika Syrup

Balchaturbhadrika Syrup contains herbs like Ativisha, Musta, Pippali, Karkatashrungi which are Jwaraghna, Pachak, Grahi, Kaphaghna. Effective in common Vikar of children like Jwar, Atisar, Agnimandya, Chhardi etc, in Ksheerad, Ksheerannad, Annad awastha

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The contents of Balchaturbhadra Choorna can be used better and more conveniently in the form of Balchaturbhadrika Syrup for diseases of children produced during Ksheerad, Ksheerannad and Annad Avastha. Contents of Balchaturbhadrika Syrup like Ativisha, Musta, Pippali and Karkatashrungi are Jwaraghna, Pachak, Grahi and Kaphaghna. Hence, it is effective in most common Vikar of children like Jwar, Atisar, Agnimandya and Chhardi etc.

Each 5ml contains Kwath derived from ingredients mentioned belowMusta 62.5 mg, Pippali 62.5 mg, Ativisha 62.5 mg, Karkatashrungi 62.5 mg, Sharkara 2750 mg, Madhu 550 mg

Atisar, Chhardi, Kas, Shwas, Jwar

100 ml

Children till –
1st year of age – 2.5 ml twice or thrice a day
1-3 years – 5.0 ml twice or thrice a day
3-7 years – 10.0 ml twice or thrice a day


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