Preclinical Studies

Well Equipped State of Art Research Facility

  • SDL has well equipped Animal House facility duly registered under CPCSEA.
  • The facility operates as per norms/ recommendations of CPCSEA and includes dedicated sections for Breeding, Experimentation, Quarantine, Feed & Bedding storage area, Necropsy room, Autoclave and well equipped laboratory sections.
  • We have enthusiastic and dedicated Scientists who conduct animal experiments and monitor animal house work. We also have highly qualified professionals from Industry and National Research Institutes who keep on providing valuable research ideas & guidance.
  • Our animal house & animal experiments are monitored by Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC) as per the requirement of CPCSEA

SDL has conducted Acute, Chronic & Sub-Chronic toxicity studies for most of its formulations.

Sub-Chronic Toxicity study conducted for following formulations
Genotoxicity study conducted for following formulations
Genotoxicity & Mutagenicity study conducted for following formulations
Along with these, our R & D department has carried out various Pharmacological studies few of which are listed below:
  1. Anti-inflammatory and Anti-artrhitis activity of Suvarna MaliniVasant
  2. Immunomodulatory activity of Suvarna Malini Vasant
  3. Anti-Inflammatory activity of Myostaal
  4. Comparative study Loha Bhasma with Abhraloha
  5. Gastric Irritancy Index study of Guggul
  6. Gastric Irritancy Index study of Efiplus
  7. Analgesic activity of Entostaal
  8. Anti-spasmodic activity of Entostaal
  9. Antiulcer activity of Plantacid Suspension
  10. Immunomodulatory activity of Aoim-Z
  11. Effect of Sheetaprabha tablet and Urolithiasis
  12. Hematinic activity of Loha Bhasma
  13. Antiulcer activity of Amlapitta Mishran suspension in rats A pilot study
  14. Hematinic activity of Abhraloha
  15. Hepatoprotective effect of Arogyavardhini
  16. Anti-pyretic activity of Tribhuvankeerti rasa