Latin Name

Euphorbia neriifolia

English Name

Common milk hedge

Sanskrit Name


Part Used

Root, Stem, Leaves and Latex
(मूल, काण्ड, पत्र, निर्यास)

Effect on Dosha

eliminates vitiated Vata and Kapha

Properties and Uses

It has strong purgative action hence commonly used in the diseases requiring strong purgation therapy. It brings watery stools and sometimes induces vomiting. Leaves are applied externally on localized swellings. Latex has strong caustic action popularly used to make ‘Ksharsutra (Thread with coatings of caustic substances) which is used in treatment of fistula, piles. It has cough expectorant action. It is also used in some skin diseases externally for application and internally for purgation.

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