Latin Name

Citrullus colocynthis

English Name

Bitter apple

Sanskrit Name


Part Used

Fruit and Root
(फल, मूल)

Effect on Dosha

Pacifies Kapha and Pitta; used for elimination of vitiated Pitta and Vata

Properties and Uses

Its fruit and root has strong purgative action. It increases peristalsis, induces bile secretion. It brings watery stools with spasms. It is used in purgation therapy. Found to be effective in treatment of jaundice and other liver disorders. Fruit skin has emetic and cough expectorant action hence used in respiratory disorders. Root is used for external application in abscess. External application with seed oil is used in treatment of alopecia. Root causes contraction of uterine muscles. Note – Should not be used in pregnant women and children.

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