Latin Name

Cassia fistula

English Name

Purging cassia

Sanskrit Name


Part Used

Root bark, Flowers, Leaves, marrow inside the pod (Fruit)
(मूल त्वक्, पुष्प, पत्र, फलमज्जा)

Effect on Dosha

Pacifies Pitta and Vata; Eliminates vitiated Pitta and Kapha

Properties and Uses

It is most famously used mild laxative which can be used even in children. It is used in formulations meant for mild purgation. It has cough expectorant and lubricating action hence used in treatment of dry cough; it has lubricant action on mucosal lining. It is effective in treatment of fever. It is used in treatment of oedematous conditions in cardiac disorders due to its mild laxative action. It is useful in skin disorders as well. External application with leaves is done in arthritis, abscess, and skin conditions with itching.

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