Latin Name

Calotropis procera

English Name


Sanskrit Name


Part Used

Root bark, Milky latex, Flowers, Leaves
(मूल त्वक्, क्षीर निर्यास, पुष्प पत्र)

Effect on Dosha

Pacifies Kapha and Vata; flowers Pacifies Kapha and Pitta

Properties and Uses

It has emetic as well as purgative properties. It acts as digestive and induces bile secretion. It is used in digestive disorders, Liver ailments like ascitis (water accumulation in peritoneal cavity) where purgation is method of treatment. Leaves are applied externally on inflamed and painful joints and other parts. Root bark is applied externally on wounds. Latex is used for external application in Vitiligo, Alopecia and Piles. Root bark has blood cleansing, anti-inflammatory properties and stimulating action on heart. Flowers are used in treatment of diseases due to aggravated Pitta. In respiratory conditions root bark and flowers are used due to their cough expectorant action. It induces sweating, has anti-pyretic properties; mainly used in remittent and intermittent fevers.

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