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  1. Drakshovin Special Drakshovin Special

    Drakshovin Special

    An excellent invigorating & restorative tonic with combined properties of Drakshasava, Ashwagandharishta & Saraswatarishta. It is powerful Appetizer, Digestive which improves Agni, thus helping in Agnimandya, Adhman. Boosts memory, concentration & vitality with ingredients like Ashwagandha & Brahmi. Drakshovin Special is an effective remedy for all age groups. Learn More
  2. Shatavari Kalpa Shatavari Kalpa

    Shatavari Kalpa

    The nutrient product useful for complete family specially for women, having all the benefits of Shatavari. Enhances immunity & general health by nourishing Saptadhatus. Most effective with qualities like Medhya, Pittashamak, Rasayan, Shukravardhak & Netrya. Useful for women in all age groups & for all stages like; menstruation, pregnancy & postnatal period Learn More
  3. Sheetasudha Sheetasudha


    The cooling Sharbat specially made of `Khus’. Useful in burning sensation all over the body, burning micturition, excessive thirst, dehydration, water & fluid imbalance developed due to extreme heat, being cooling & mootral. Intake is especially advised during Sharad & Greeshma Rhutu. Learn More
  4. Shilapravang Special Shilapravang Special

    Shilapravang Special

    Shilapravang Special is the special Saptadhatuposhak, Balya & Vajikar Yoga. It promotes formation of best quality Saptadhatu including Shukradhatu, in quality as well as quantity. Alongwith the strengthening of the Shukrasthana it also increases the sustaining capacity.

    For Enquiry:

    Product Information & Consultation with an Ayurved Physician: 1800 2 29874

    Company accepts no liability on any count whatsoever.

    Trade Enquiry: 1800 2 29874

    Above telephone number would be manned from 09:30 - 17:00 hours on all working days (Sunday and 2nd + 4th Saturday would be weekly holidays).

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  5. Swamala Swamala


    The time tested Total Health tonic for all seasons, Swamala is prepared with best quality Amalas processed in pure cow ghee, fortified with standardized, safe, best quality Bhasma ingredients like Suvarna, Rajata etc. and excellent Rasayan Makardhwaj. It also contains quality herbal ingredients and forest honey. Swamala promotes nourishment of important body constituents - Saptadhatus from Rasa to Shukra as wel as Oja. Swamala also works as an excellent revitalizer & immunity booster in all age groups.

    For Enquiry:
    Product Info & Dr. Consultation: 1800 2 29874 (Timing: 9:30 am to 5.00 pm)
    Trade Enquiry: 1800 2 29874 (Timing: 9:30 am to 5.00 pm)

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