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Gulkand is a sweet and delicious remedy for increased body heat. Prepared from petals of Desi Gulab and rocksugar, it is fortified with Pravala and Mouktik (Moti) Pishti, Gulkand is a natural Pittashamak and Dahanashak formulation. Being a mild laxative it helps to balance Pitta and by it’s Madhur, Snigdha and Balya properties, it alleviates Vata Dosha. It reduces burning sensation all over body and is useful in Pitta and Raktadushtijanya Vikar. A very good solution especially during Greeshma and Sharad Rhutu.

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Each 10 g contains Gulab (Shatapatrika) (Rosa centifolia) flower petal 3.30 g, Pravala pishti, Mouktik (Mukta) pishti each 0.05 g, Sharkara 6.60 g, Preserrvatives used: Potassium sorbate.


Symptoms caused due to vitiated Pitta like burning & redness of eyes, headache, giddiness, excessive thirst, acidity, etc.


400 g


5 g to 10 g twice or thrice a day or as directed by the Physician.

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