When preservation of various herbs and their perennial use came into picture at that time certain simple techniques came into existence. Choorna Kalpa is one such simple technique. In this the Dravya [herb] is dried and then pounded to form fine powder. This powder is sieved to obtain a powder with finest particles. This is called as Choorna.

अत्यन्तशुष्कं यद् द्रव्यं सुपिष्ट वस्त्रगालितम् |

तत् स्याच्चूर्णं रज: क्षोदस्तान्मात्रा कर्षसम्मिता ||

Smaller the particle size greater is the area of contact and thus also the efficacy. This makes the powder more assimilable and the effect is seen faster. Choorna is made uniform using a Kuttan yantra and it is further sieved through 80 mesh to give very small particles of the powder. Sometimes Choorna is prepared by giving Bhavana of Kwath made of same dravya. This helps to fortify the choorna and make it more potent as compared to plain choorna of the same dravya. In this way the resultant choorna becomes more efficacious even in small doses. Choorna can be either of a single Dravya or is a mixture of multiple powders mixed in appropriate proportions as per the texts to deliver the desire results. Shree Dhootapapeshwar Ltd. has brought a range of quality standardized Choornas.

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  1. Triphala Choorna Triphala Choorna

    Triphala Choorna

    The choorna with combination of 3 fruits i.e. Hirada, Behada & Amla is an excellent Mruduvirechak, Agnideepak & Rasayan. Useful in Malavashtambha (constipation) due to its mild laxative action. Excellent in Prameha, Kushtha, Agnimandya, Pandu & Netraroga. Useful for external use with Vranashodhak action. Learn More
  2. Taleesadi Choorna Taleesadi Choorna

    Taleesadi Choorna

    Taleesadi Choorna is useful in Shushka Shwasa, Kasa. It is beneficial in symptoms of Shushka Kasa such as less sputum even after continuous coughing, chest pain, excessive thirst, dryness of throat being Kaphanashak, Agnideepak and Pachak. Learn More
  3. Swadishta Virechan Choorna Swadishta Virechan Choorna

    Swadishta Virechan Choorna

    Generally, it is said that, Ayurvedic Medicines are bitter and tasteless, which is true up to some extent. Thus, we can say that ‘palatability’ of Swadishta Virechan Choorna proves that, it is named appropriately. Being extremely palatable and effective in relieving Malavashtambha by its Mrudu Virechan Karma, it is appropriately named ‘Swadishta Virechan Choorna’. Due to its good palatability, it can be consumed by one and all from children to elderly people. It is especially useful due to its Virechan Karma in the various Tvachavikar due to it’s Amapachan Karya. Learn More
  4. Sitopaladi Choorna Sitopaladi Choorna

    Sitopaladi Choorna

    Excellent Kaphapittashamak, Ruchikar, Agnideepak and Pachak Choorna. It is a well known medicine for cough & cold. Relieves the symptoms associated with fever such as cough, breathlessness, Headache, Lethargy & weakness. Learn More
  5. Pushyanug Choorna Pushyanug Choorna

    Pushyanug Choorna

    As the ingredients are collected and the choorna is prepared in Pushya Nakshatra hence the name Pushyanug Choorna. It is useful in all types of Pradar. Useful in vaginal and uterine disorders of females. Learn More
  6. Hingwashtak Choorna Hingwashtak Choorna

    Hingwashtak Choorna

    A best remedy for Agnimandya and Shoola is Hingwashtak Choorna. When consumed with ghee alongwith the first morsel of food it acts as best Agnideepak. Learn More
  7. Haridrakhanda Choorna Haridrakhanda Choorna

    Haridrakhanda Choorna

    By virtue of its ingredients ‘Haridrakhanda Choorna’ acts as Vatanulomak and Kapha – Pitta Virechak. Hence, it proves effective in Sheetapittadi Vikar. The ingredients namely Haridra, Daruharidra, Musta, Dhanyaka, Guduchi etc. make this Kalpa efficient in relieving Raktadushti by Pachan of Raktagata Kleda and Dooshit Kapha. Learn More
  8. Dhatupoushtik Choorna Dhatupoushtik Choorna

    Dhatupoushtik Choorna

    The word ‘Dhatupoushtik’ itself indicates the efficacy of the product in ‘Dhatuposhan’ Karya for all the Dhatu. The ingredients such as Shatavari, Ashvagandha, Munjataka etc. are the best Dhatuposhak herbs which have the capacity of helping not only the general stamina & vigor but also have unique role to play in maintaining the Sharirastha Saptadhatu in the best possible condition. Learn More
  9. Chousashta Pippali Choorna Chousashta Pippali Choorna

    Chousashta Pippali Choorna

    The most potent Pippali Choorna triturated in Pippali Kwath for time period of 64 Prahar i.e. 192 hours approximately. It acts as Rasayan and strengthens Pranavaha Srotas with its Phuphusabalya, Agnideepak, Amapachak and Kaphaghna properties. It breaks the samprapti of Shwasa, Kasa and Rajayakshma. Learn More
  10. Bhaskarlavan Choorna Bhaskarlavan Choorna

    Bhaskarlavan Choorna

    Bhaskarlavan Choorna is the best Amapachak, Deepak and extremely tasty. Useful in Mandagni, Amadosha and Sangrahani. Learn More

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