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Saraswatarishta has chief ingredient `Brahmi’ acting on Manovaha Srotas and fortified with Suvarna. It increases Ayu, Veerya, Dhruti, Medha, Smruti, Bala and Kanti. Effective on Vatavahi Nadis, Pittashamak and energizes mind. Corrects the slurred speech in Pakshaghat, Ardita or other disorders of speech in children.

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Brahmi 84 parts, Prakshepa Dravya -Shatavari 21 parts, Kushtha 1 part,Vidarikanda 21 parts, Pippali 1 part,Haritaki 21 parts, Vacha 1 part,Usheer 21 parts, Twak 1 part,Shatapushpa 21 parts, Guduchi 1 part,Ardrak 21 parts, Vidang 1 part,Sharkara 105 parts, Ela 1 part,Madhu 42 parts, Nishottar 1 part,Dhatakipushpa 21parts, Lavang 1 part,Ashwagandha 1 part,Bibhitak 1 part, Renukabeeja 1 part,Guda Q.S., Prepared in presence of Suvarna Patra


Smrutimandya, Unmada, Apasmar, Bhrama, Moorchha, Nidranash, Slurred Speech


200 ml, 450 ml.


2 to 4 tsf (10 to 20 ml) 2 times a day with equal quantity of lukewarm water

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Cerebral palsy


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