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Patent products of Shree Dhootapapeshwar Ltd. like Shilapravang Special, Drakshovin Special, Swamala have been well known for many years. Patent & Proprietary products of Shree Dhootapapeshwar Ltd. are not mere combination of various herbs or extracts etc. but have been made with an Ayurvedic classical base in mind.

The basic Chikitsa Siddhantas and the citation of the seers like the Chikitsa Sootra have always been given the highest importance. Its because of this that some of the Patent Proprietary products of Shree Dhootapapeshwar Ltd. have not found it necessary to change even after 80 years of their being in the market.

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  1. A Flu-O-Cil A Flu-O-Cil

    A Flu-O-Cil

    The potent Antipyretic, Amapachak & Kaphaghna Yoga which breaks the Samprapti of Jwara. Useful in symptoms such as headache, body pain, coryza, cough developed along with fever. Effective Amapachak with combination of Hingul, Trikatu & Vatsanabh. Reduces pain, inflammation & fever due to tonsillitis. Learn More
  2. A Flu-O-Cil Forte A Flu-O-Cil Forte

    A Flu-O-Cil Forte

    A unique combination of Tribhuvankeerti Rasa, Sootashekhar Rasa & Ghana derived from Mahasudarshan Choorna, acting as Jwaraghna & Amapachak. These properties are further enhanced with the addition of Mahasudarshan Ghana. Useful in Jwara by reducing body temperature with Swedajanak & Srotovishodhak action. The combination is also useful in various Sankramak disorders like Chikungunya etc. being Amapachak & Jwaraghna. Learn More
  3. Abhraloha Abhraloha


    Abhraloha is an excellent haematinic with the combination of Abhraka Bhasma & Loha Bhasma. It is extremely effective as Raktavardhak & Balya as it increases the Rasa and Raktadhatvagni. It is a supportive therapy for women from menarche till menopause. Abhraka Bhasma alleviates general debility & helps in formation of body tissue by maintaining their optimum quality. Learn More
  4. Amlapitta Mishran Suspension Amlapitta Mishran Suspension

    Amlapitta Mishran Suspension

    A proven remedy for Amlapitta with prompt relief being an excellent Pittashamak; effective in Agnimandya and Aruchi by regularizing Pitta secretion & enchancing action of Agni. It reduces nausea, heart burn, epigastric pain. It strengthens Annavaha Srotas by re-establishing metabolic activity. Learn More
  5. Arsha Hita Ointment Arsha Hita Ointment

    Arsha Hita Ointment

    The most smoothening Ointment for the complaints of Piles & Fissure being very effective in reducing pain & burning sensation of Piles & related diseases. Sarja Rasa helps stop bleeding & reduces Itching sensation of Piles & Fissure. Karpoora acts as a Painkiller by relaxing the smooth muscles of the Guda Pradesh & reducing Burning sensation. Til Taila & Madhoochchhishta help reduce pricking pain & provide lubrication. Learn More
  6. Arsha Hita Tablet Arsha Hita Tablet

    Arsha Hita Tablet

    'Arsha Hita’ an efficient formulation to reduce the complaints of Piles & related disorders. With ingredients like Shuddha Sarja Rasa, Arishtaka & Soorana having excellent Gamitva in Guda Pradesh, Shuddha Sarja Rasa reduces Bleeding & Itching in Piles with Stambhak & Kandughna properties, Arishtaka reduces the Pain with Anti inflammatory action & helps in Healing of Piles by Vranaropaka action & Soorana also known as ‘Arshoghna’, is a wonderful Agnideepak, Pachak, Ruchivardhak and Arshoghna Dravya.

    Learn More
  7. Asthiposhak Tablet Asthiposhak Tablet

    Asthiposhak Tablet

    'Asthiposhak’ the name itself reveals nourishment of Asthi dhatu. Kukkutandatvak bhasma is a predigested form of Natural Calcium & other contents like Asthisamhruta, etc. help convert this calcium into Asthi (Bony tissues). Asthiposhak enhances Asthidhatvagni & corrects Asthidhatvagni Mala Vikruti, hence useful in Hairloss & Cracked Nails. Excellent use as a Calcium supplement including pre & post menopausal period. Learn More
  8. Kutaja Parpati Vati Kutaja Parpati Vati

    Kutaja Parpati Vati

    'Kutaj Parpati' is the combination of Kutaj which is Pachak as well as Stambhak and two more Pachak ingredients like Shankha Bhasma and Musta. Due to presence of ingredients which act on Grahani and intestine, this Kalpa is very effective in diseases such as Atisar, Grahani and Pravahika. It is useful in diseases like Nav as well as Jeerna Atisar, Pravahika, Aantraj Krumi, Amoebiasis (Infective diarrhoea) etc. Learn More
  9. Mincof Mincof


    A unique combination of selected Shwasa – Kasahar dravyas having Gamitva towards Pranavaha Srotas effective in Minimising cough & related disorders. Mincof syrup helps in expelling Sama Kapha & reducing Bronchospasm, thus acting as an excellent Shwasa – Kasaghna formulation. Learn More
  10. Myrolax Forte Myrolax Forte

    Myrolax Forte

    With contents like Shuddha Hingul, Shuddha Jayapala, Shuddha Vishamushti, Haritaki, Parasika Yavani – ‘Myrolax Forte’ is the best of its kind & acts as a Teevra Virechak (Strong Purgative). Relieves Udarashoola arising due to Malavibandha with its purgative properties. Useful in Kroora Koshtha Vyakti. Learn More

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