Primary Herbs - Tulasi

100% Natural

Tulasi Ocimum sanctum

The 'all familiar' and 'sacred' Tulasi, now known for its antimicrobial properties has been used as such since Vedic era. Its various uses are described in Sushrut Samhita circa 6th century BC. It has been described in Bhavapraksh Nighantu as

  • तुलसी कटुका तिक्ता हृद्योष्णा दाहपित्तकृत् ।
  • दीपनी कुष्ठकृच्छ्रास्र पार्श्वरुक् कफवातजित् ।।
- भावप्रकाश निघण्टु, पुष्प वर्ग, अ.क्र.३४

Tulasi maintains a good appetite, improves digestion and thus reduces flatulence and bloating. It has an impactive role in minor respiratory ailments like cough, cold and sore throat. When consumed regularly Tulasi helps improve immunity and assists the body to cope with seasonal variations and mental turbulence.


Tulasi Tablets

Promotes Healthy Respiratory Functions &
Helps Improve Immunity

Net Quantity: 60 Tablets

Price: ₹ 130.00 (Inclusive of All Taxes)

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100% Natural

No artifical colours
Not tested on animals
No artificial flavours
No artificial sweetner
No preservatives
Sustainable Sourcing

Each tablet contains of 100% natural Tulasi Ocimum sanctum powder 500 mg.

We ensure that we deliver truly 100% natural Tulasi tablet so that it consistently delivers wholesome health benefits expected from this potent Ayurvedic Herb.

  • 100% natural means consistent & sustainable sourcing of identified herb from known source.
  • 100% natural means using herb without any adulterants.
  • 100% natural means being true to science using specified plant part only
  • 100% natural means no artificial additives used to mask natural colour, flavour and taste.
  • 100% natural means ensuring safety & stability without artificial preservatives.
  • 100% natural means ensuring presence of all desired phyto-constituents
  • 100% natural means responsibility & compassion towards nature with no animal testing
The Herb

The Herb: Tulasi

Tulasi has tremendous benefits for the human body. It possesses anti-microbial, anti-fungal, heart protective and pain relief properties. Tulsi helps relieve minor complaints like cold, cough, indigestion, allergy, sinus infections and throat discomfort.

Tulasi can be consumed regularly to improve immunity of the body and help the body fight against immune challenges due to seasonal variations, change in work environment and mental stress.

It is extremely effective against various kinds of ailments of respiratory tract and helps prevent recurrent illness.

It is Ushna in nature, which means it creates heat in the body that helps fight infections especially in respiratory system, maintains a good appetite, improves digestion and thus reduces flatulence and bloating.

Researchers have claimed that Tulasi has heart protective actions too as it helps reduce bad cholesterol5 in blood, hypertension and has 'anti-platelet aggregation' properties.


Dosage & Anupan

Adults: 2 to 3 tablets 2 to 3 times a day with lukewarm water.

To improve immunity & well-being, in Adults: 2 Tulasi Tablets two times (after meals) a day with honey (2 teaspoonful) mixed with water (1/2 cup).

For Respiratory Tract disorders viz. cough, cold & sore throat, in Adults: 2 Tulasi Tablets three times a day (early in the morning and after meals) with honey (2 teaspoonful) mixed with water (1/2 cup).

Please do not add honey in warm water.

For other dosage guidelines, and especially its pediatric use consult your Ayurved Physician.

Anupan: A recommended media advised by Ayurved for optimal assimilation.

Consult your Ayurved Physician, if symptoms long standing, persist or worsen.


The Quality Standards

Shree Dhootapapeshwar Standards (SDS), an in-house compendium documenting our traditional quality ethos assures quality, efficacy and safety of this product to the benefit of consumers. Stringent standardization processes finally document a Quality Profile in form of a monograph.

Tulasi tablets are prepared from the choicest and the best quality Tulasi plant, which undergo standardization and quality control at every step right from raw material procurement to retail packing

Standard Image
Quality Assurance Tulasi Raw Material

HPTLC Densitogram confirms the presence Eugenol & Ursolic acid the bioactive compounds of Tulasi Ocimum sanctum raw material

Standard Image
Standard Image
Quality Assurance Tulasi Tablet

Batch to batch consistency depicted by the HPTLC chromatogram confirms the batch to batch stability that indicates consistent quality, standardized by nature and manufactured using measurable parameters, everytime. Batch Code reflect their geographical sourcing – 1. Dharwad    2. Madurai    3. Dindigul.

Standard Image
Standard Image

HPTLC Densitogram of Tulasi Tablet confirms the presence of Eugenol & Ursolic acid the bioactive compounds of Tulasi Tablet. Only careful temperature controlled milling preserves this wholesome potency.

Standard Image
The Legacy

The Legacy


Shree Dhootapapeshwar Ltd. is an organisation with legacy of more than 148 years in Authentic Ayurved manufacturing, research & education. With this rich history of traditional excellence in Ayurved medicine manufacturing now coupled with modern technology advancements; Shree Dhootapapeshwar Limited is committed to manufacturing Authentic Ayurved products to meet the aspirations of the discerning consumers of modern world

Net Quantity: 60 Tablets

Price: ₹ 130.00 (Inclusive of All Taxes)

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Keep the container tightly closed at all times except in use, Store in Cool & dry place in air tight container. Due to hygroscopic nature of its ingredients, the product tends to soften in consistency if exposed to air over a period of time.
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This product is manufactured in India. It complies with all the rules-regulations & standards which are applicable for "Ayurved Medicine" and its packaging for sale in India only. It is authorised for sale in INDIA only.

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Currently, if you are in any country other than India and this product has reached you by any means it’s your responsibility to check the suitability and legality to consume the same. You are advised to consult your healthcare provider before consumption of this medicine.

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