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 This treasure of wisdom and experience forms the basis for the SDL GLOBAL range of offerings consolidated under the brand of AASHWAMEDH. Ancient scriptures depict Aashwamedh, the unstoppable, as the epitome of youthful vigour. It stands for all that is pure, unadulterated and auspicious for longevity and prosperity.

Keeping to the philosophy of Ayurved and also the need of the times Shree Dhootapapeshwar manufactures AASHWAMEDH to the exacting standards of Ayurved on one hand and to meet the stringent global quality standards on the other. Aashwamedh products are not tested on animals and do not contain any animal ingredients. They are packaged with environment friendly recyclable material. The traditional range of AASHWAMEDH Ayurvedic products is totally natural and free from artificial agents making it eminently suitable for the discerning global consumer.

AASHWAMEDH incorporates the spirit and tradition of Ayurved and offers its wisdom for maintenance of Total Health.

Experience AASHWAMEDH. Enrich Life.

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