R & D at SDL

SDL has identified R & D as the major focus areafor growth plans of the future. We at SDL believe that me-too formulations and Ayurvedic alternatives to modern science molecules cannot be the future. SDL believes that Ayurvedic science has been wrongly read on the lines of tribal and magic remedy solutions and not for the depth the science represents in health management. SDL believes that Ayurved can offer unique solutions to the health problems faced by today's fast changing world.

The Company is developing itself as a technical center for fundamental and applied research in Ayurved. The R & D Centre is also giving developmental and technical assistance like product development, clinical trials, ethical animal testing, quality improvement, development of quality assurance parameters, herbal cultivation etc. to organizations which require this assistance.

A team of research workers is engaged in the study of ancient scriptures for developing the new formulae and perfecting the products in the light of modern scientific knowledge.