my prakriti

My Prakriti

What is Prakriti?

Prakriti is the individual constitution of a person. It is the group of physical as well as mental characteristics which makes every organism in the universe different from other. Prakriti of a person is decided at the moment of conjugation of Sperm (Shukra) and Ovum (Aartav). Dosha which is in larger quantum compared to other two at the time of conjugation decides the Prakriti of a new born. For example if Kapha dosha is in larger quantum than Vata and Pitta then new born will have Kaphaj Prakriti. Prakriti remains unchanged for life.

Importance of Prakriti  in Ayurved

Prakriti makes every person unique therefore no person can be exactly like other person. It means physical, physiological and mental characteristics differ from person to person depending on his or her Prakriti. It defines how person reacts to its surrounding environment, external factors including medicine. All these points are of extreme importance while making the diagnosis and treating the patients. That’s why diagnosis in Ayurvedic system of medicine can not be complete without defining the constitution of an individual. Because treatment differs according to Prakriti of an individual. Ayurved believes in Medicine for an individual person and not for an individual organ or system.

Types of Prakriti

There are three main types of Prakriti based on predominance of Dosha

i) Kapha Prakriti  ii) Pitta Prakriti  iii) Vata Prakriti

Characteristics of  Individual Prakritis

Kapha Prakriti  (कफ प्रकृति)

These individuals have smooth, somewhat oily and gentle bodies

  • They have attractive and tender physique
  • They have fair complexion
  • They have strong, stable and muscular body with strong joints
  • Their actions are slow and measured, they do not start any thing hastily, do it after detail thinking but complete the work at any cost
  • They are slow eaters and slow talkers
  • They have deep and sound sleep
  • They usually do not suffer from anxiety and similar problems.
  • They do not get angry easily.
  • They have less appetite and thirst.
  • They sweat less
  • They have clear vision and lustrous look on face
  • They have deep rooted and strong voice
  • They take time to grasp the things but their memory is good
  • They are sexually more strong and active

 Summary: In short Kapha prakriti individuals are Strong, Stable, Energetic, Intelligent, of quiet nature and with long life span.

Pitta Prakriti  (पित्त प्रकृति)

  • They have lot of heat in their body so can not tolerate outside heat as well as hot and spicy foods
  • They have tendency to get lot of acnes, pustules, moles and reddish-brown spots on the face as well as rest of the body
  • They have strong appetite and thirst so tend to eat as well as drink more and at frequent intervals
  • Their beard, mustache, hair and body hair have reddish-brown texture and are thin.
  • Signs of aging such as wrinkles, hair loss, graying of hair shows up faster in these individuals
  • They have loose joints, tendons and ligaments
  • They pass urine and stool in more quantity and frequently
  • They sweat more and it smells bad.
  • They have moderate but sound sleep
  • They get angry easily but are brave individuals
  • They have good grasping power but medium memory
  • They are sexually less active compared to Kapha Prakriti individuals

 Summary: In short Pitta prakriti individuals have medium strength, medium intelligence, have angry nature and medium life span

Vata Prakriti  (वात प्रकृति)

They have small, thin, weak physique with rough skin

  • They have rough, slow, stammering and weak voice
  • Their sleep is less and broken
  • Their appetite is less hence they tend to eat at irregular intervals and in less quantity
  • There are usually hyperactive
  • They have less control on their speech and thought process therefore have tendancy to talk irrelevant
  • Their joints are weak and have less lubrication hence make cracking noise during movements
  • Tendons and veins are clearly visible on body surface due to slim body with thin skin
  • They start the work hastily without thinking and tend to leave it incomplete
  • They get distressed, frightened and anxious very easily.
  • Have good grasping power but tend to forget the things easily. In short they have poor memory
  • Due to weak physical and mental state they have tendency to fall ill.
  • They can not tolerate cold weather, cold food etc.
  • They have rough beard, mustache, hair, teeth and nails
  • They have cracked skin and rough body hairs
  • They are sexually less active compared to Kapha and Pitta prakriti individuals

Summary: In short Vata Prakriti individuals are weak, with poor intelligence and with less life span.

In all there are seven types of Prakritis which are as follows

1) Vata Prakriti 2) Pitta Prakriti 3) Kapha Prakriti 4) Vata-Pitta Prakriti 5) Pitta-Kapha Prakriti 6)  Vata-Kapha and 7) Samadhatu Prakriti

Prakritis which are combination of two Doshas are called Dandwaj Prakriti which is of commonest occurrence

Prakriti with combination of all three Doshas is called Samdhatu Prakriti it is of extremely rare occurence


Criteria:Vata   Pitta   Kapha  
BodySmall, roughMedium, strongSmooth, oily, gentle
PhysiqueThin, weakMedium, tenderHeavy, Attractive, tender
SkinDry, rough, thin, scalySoft, reddishSoft, oily, thick
ComplexionDarkReddish, with spots, moles and pimplesFair
HairRough, drySoft, brownish, thinSoft, oily, thick
NailsCracked, darkReddish, sharpWhitish, soft, shining
TeethSmall size, Irregular, cracked, with gapsMedium size, sometimes with discolorationLarge size, white, regular
GumsDry, weakSoft, tenderSoft, strong
JointsWeak, make cracking sound on movementFlaccid, laxStrong, stable
ActivitiesHyperactiveModerateSlow, measured
SleepIrregular, disturbedModerateSound, deep
AppetiteIrregularHeavy, UncontrollableLess but Regular
Preferred tastesSweet, Sour, SaltySweet, Bitter, AstringentPungent, Bitter and Astringent
Bowel habitsUsually Constipated, dark color stoolsLoose, yellowish stoolsSemisolid stools with regular bowel habits
Cold toleranceVery less tolerancePrefer cold conditionsMedium tolerance
SweatingLessMore, foul smellingLess
EyesDry, drooping lidsModerate size, reddishBig, clear vision
Voice/ SpeechStammering, weakHigh pitchDeep rooted, strong
ConcentrationVery lowMediumGood
IntelligenceGood Grasping power but poor memoryGood grasping power with medium memoryGood memory and retention power
NatureConfused, Vivacious, anxious, frightfulHot and short tempered, impatient, passionateCalm and Quiet with lot of patience