My Ayurved

Today we live in the fast pacing world. Our life has become excessively complex which is exposing us to lot of Physical and Mental stress. It has made drastic changes in our Daily routine as well as Diet and is making us more and more suseptible to various diseases. This kind of life can give us Name, Fame and Wealth but we are paying for all these things by loosing something that is even more precious- our health.

Gautam Buddha has rightly said,

              Without health life is not life; it is only a state of langour and suffering – an image of death.

'My Ayurved' is our effort to put in front the three most important factors of our life which are Prakriti (Individual constitution), Diet and Lifestyle.

Ayurved is not just a theorotical Science but it has many practical applications which can make our day to day life much better. We believe 'My Ayurved' will help you in implementing these Principles of Ayurved in your everyday life.


Only disease-free life does not make it the Perfect Life. The perfect harmony between Body, Mind and above all the Soul will make it a Healthy Life.