Shree Dhootapapeshwar Ltd. is one of the first few Ayurvedic Industries to receive the GMP certification

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is an accepted norm for various industries all over the world today. It is recognized as a robust methodology to control and manage the manufacturing operations and quality control testing of raw materials as well as the finished products. It covers each and every aspect of manufacturing and testing. GMP certification ensures that the products coming from GMP certified units comply with the specified set of standards for Quality and Purity

Naturally the equipments and methodology used to manufacture the products also needs to be of a particular quality. Documentation of every aspect of processing operations and testing activities involved in the manufacturing of the product needs to be perfect and clear. GMP ensures that these documents are followed diligently to ensure and demonstrate that the end product is of acceptable quality and the contaminants are within specified limits. It is because of these norms that the tractability of the product can be established.

GMP in Ayurved

Ayurved talks in great details about how the manufacturing unit should be, where it should be located along with the entire methodology of preparations of medicines -starting from the selection of the raw material to storage of the finished product. It also deals with other aspects such as the sanitation, ventilation of the manufacturing unit, hygiene of the workers and other relevant details regarding manufacturing unit as well as manufacturing process. However, the terminology used then is to be interpreted and understood in the current context.

The Department of AYUSH and Food and Drugs Administration, Government of India, have prescribed the requirements of GMP standards under Schedule T of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, which are mandatory for the Ayurvedic Industry.