धारणात् धातव: ||

 The components which act as building blocks of the body are known as Dhatus.

These are the substances which support the body physically as well as physiologically.  Strength and normalcy of the body depends on state and health of Dhatus. They are seven in number and have specific functions in the body. It is the perfect maintenance of the quantum of Dhatus which help maintaining the structure and function of the body. Following table explains the Dhatus and their respective characteristic function 



  Cab be loosely correlated to


  Rasa रस


  Preenan प्रीणन ( Nourishment)

  Rakta रक्त


  Jeevan जीवन ( Life and Revival)

  Mamsa मांस


  Lepan लेपन (Coating )

  Meda मेद


  Snehan स्नेहन ( Lubrication)

  Ashthi अस्थी


  Dharan धारण  ( Support)

  Majja मज्जा

  Bone marrow

  Pooran पुरण ( Filling )

  Shukra शुक्र

  Sexual hormones, Sperm/ Ovum

  Garbhotpadan गर्भोत्पादन( Reproduction)

Concept of Upadhatu ( उपधातु )

Upadhatu are the elements produced as a result of action of Dhatvagni on each Dhatu. Upadhatus are consider as secondary building blocks of the body as their functions depend on normalcy of Dhatus from which they are produced

Following table explains Dhatus and their individual Upadhatus. Abnormalities in them indicate disorders related to the Dhatus from which they are produced.

Following table gives Dhatus and their respective Upadhatus 


  Dhatu  धातु

  Upadhatu  उपधातु

  Rasa रस

  Stanya  स्तन्य (Breast milk)

  Rakta रक्त

  Raja रज (Menstrual blood)

  Mansa मांस

  Vasa वसा (Fatty material)

  Meda मेद

  Sweda स्वेद (Sweat)

  Asthi अस्थी

  Daat दांत (Teeth )

  Majja मज्जा

  Kesh केश (Hair)

  Shukra शुक्र

  Oja ओज

Concept of Oja

ओज: तु तेजो धातुनां शुक्रान्तां परं स्मृतम् |

हृदयस्थमपि व्यापि देहस्थितिनिबंन्धनम् ||

Oja is the essence of all the Dhatus. It is basically situated in heart but has influence on whole body. It is one of most important element for sustaining life.

Aacharya Sharangdhar has mentioned Oja as an Upadhatu of Shukradhatu.