daily routine

Daily Routine (Dinacharya) दिनचर्या

  1. One should wake up at least one hour before sunrise
  2. Passage of Bowel should be done immediately after waking up from sleep
  3. Later, one should brush the teeth with the herbs or herbal formulations which are astringents and possess pungent and bitter properties. Equipments used for brushing the teeth should be soft enough to avoid any injury to the gums.
  4. After brushing the teeth one should do gargling along with washing of eyes and cleaning of nose.
  5. One should do regular oleation of nose
  6. One should do the daily oil massage especially on head and legs. It helps to build the strong muscles, healthy hair, relieves fatigue, gives luster and maintains the texture of the skin.
  7. One should do the regular exercise which gives strength and tone to the body.
  8. One should take daily bath. It keeps the body clean and prevents the skin diseases. It helps generating a good appetite.
  9. One should eat the meals at regular times.
  10. One should always wear clean and proper cloths and should dress according to occasion.
  11. While going out one should always wear the footwears for protection of feet while walking.
  12. One should do his or her job with honesty and full devotion to get desired benefits.
  13. At night one should go to the bed early and at fixed time.

In addition to this Men should shave at least fortnightly.

One should always talk relevant, to the point and based on facts.

Few Don’ts

  • Person suffering from indigestion should avoid oil massage and exercise
  • One should not take bath after meals.
  • One should keep away from violence, lie, liars, irrelevant talk, insulting others and jealousy.