Aushadhi Vivaran Pustika

Aushadhi Vivaran Pustika is an effort to provide detail information about Classical Products with textual references and SDS monograph numbers. The information includes action of each ingredient of the product, Product's action on Dosha, Dhatu, Mala, it's Strotogamitva and Therapeutic uses along with Anupan. Informative images of various disease conditions have also been included.

We are confident that Aushadhi Vivaran Pustika will be a handy reference book for all Ayurvedic Physicians and Students.

Hemant Rhutu Hindi

Hemant Rhutu English

Sharad Rhutu 2012 Hindi

Sharad Rhutu 2012 English

Varsha Rhutu 2012 Hindi

Varsha Rhutu 2012 English

Greeshma Rhutu 2012 Hindi

Greeshma Rhutu 2012 English