Aarogyamandir Patrika

1938 saw the launch of company’s own publication by the name of 'Arogyamandir Patrika' specially for Ayurvedic fraternity. This publication quickly gained popularity amongst the practitioners and became a forum for exchange of scientific views. Series of All India Ayurvedic Congress symposiums in Panvel were also conducted with a focused objective of spreading the latest development in Ayurved.

Vyadhi Pareeksha Part1

July 2012

Manas Roga Visheshank

October 2012

Pandu Visheshank

January 2012

Raktapitta Visheshank

October 2011

Jwara Visheshank

July 2011

Shotha Visheshank

April 2011

Yakrut Pleeha Visheshank

January 2011

Balrog Visheshank

October 2010

Sootikarog Visheshank

July 2010

Garbhini Visheshank

April 2010

Madhumeha Visheshank

January 2010

Vajeekaran Visheshank

November 2009

Gudagat Vikar Visheshank

July 2009

Mutravikar Visheshank

April 2009

Rasayan Visheshank

January 2009

Stree Rog Visheshank

October 2008

Pranavaha Strotas Vikar

July 2008

Medorog Visheshank

March 2008

Sandhigata Vikar Visheshank

December 2007

Skin Disorders

July 2007

Digestive Disorders

April 2007