4th Ayurved Day - Ayurved in 2030

Speaker : Dr. Dushyant Keny, M.D.(Ayurved), Medical Officer Arogyamandir, Shree Dhootapapeshwar Ltd.

Date : 25th October 2019

Timings : 3.45 p.m. onwards

Venue : Yoga kaksha, Arogyamandir, Godrej Plaza, Panvel.


Shree Dhootapapeshwar Ltd. in collaboration with India Foundation's Center for Soft Power celebrated AYURVED DAY 2019

The public on-site event featuring a talk on "Ayurved in 2030" was presented by Dr. Dushyant Keny, Medical Officer, Arogyamandir, Shree Dhootapapeshwar Ayurveda Trust, Panvel. Dr.Keny, an Ayurvedvachaspati with an experience of 8 years, has got adroitness in treating Tvacha Vikaar Rog. He has authored many articles on Ayurvedic concepts of Ahaar, Vihaar and Rhutucharya in the monthly magazine "Yogasakha" published by Arogya Seva Samiti.

The event started with a brief introduction about Ayurved to common public and explaining the mission and vision behind celebrating "Ayurved day", world wide and why it is also considered as the stepping stone to achieve WHO UN-SDG3- Sustainable Development Goals. Good health concept of Ayurved simulates with the 1978 WHO declaration of Health.

Dr Keny stressed on the fact that Ayurved is not just a remedial science but is a holistic science. He explained the emerging concept "Ayurgenome" which deals with study of correlation between Prakruti and Genes thus enabling Ayurved as a ray of hope of personalized Medical Science which is a need of today's world and how Ayurved serves a 2-fold purpose - primary purpose to maintain the health and secondary purpose to treat the illness. Ayurved is a comprehensive knowledge system with respect to embryology, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, medicines, panchkarma, lifestyle management etc. Ayurved prescribes Shaddhatvaj Purush concept as a basic bodily elements that includes spirit as one of the element. Perfect knowledge about the various physiological process including vocabulary, circulation, respiration, food metabolism etc. that can be evaluated/validated today, has been incorporated in classical texts.

About 600+ medicinal herbs have been documented in various samhitas and Nighantu like bhavpraksha that describes morphology(Pharmacognosy), action of concerned plant on body(Pharmacodynamics) and the parallel response generated by the body(Pharmacokinetics). Dr. Keny shared unique guidelines about daily, seasonal dietary and behavioral lifestyle mentioned by all texts and the marvelous body detoxification process (Panchkarma Therapy) that has been helping to eradicate the disease from its root, rejuvenating the body and avoiding relapses.

The attendees were then introduced to current scenario in the field of Ayurved, role played by apical Ayurvedic institutes like Banaras Hindu University, Jamnagar University, AYUSH, CCRAS, CCIM etc. These all are helping to uplift science of Ayurved. Dr. Keny also briefly introduced the current Research methodology status in Ayurved sector. He then focused on the efforts taken by Government of India to bring Ayurved into mainstream, like including it into PM-JAY scheme, setting insurance policies on various panchkarma therapies. The attendees were also informed about the booming sector called Ayurvedic Tourism, and how it is helping our nation’s economy to rise.

Ayurved’s strength today is its strong manufacturing base, worldwide recognition as a source of alternate medicine, etc. It has great opportunities in the fast paced lifestyle where the demand for health care services from countries with aging population like USA, UK etc. has increased considerably.

Dr. Dushyant Keny elaborated on the scope of Ayurved in 2030. He took the attendees on a short journey to the future where Indian population will consider Ayurved as a first line of treatment for serious health conditions. Ayurvedic Immuno-modulator herbs shall be included into Vaccines. Intensive research will be carried out on use of life saving distinct phyto-chemicals in immune-compromised, life threatening diseases like cancer etc. Interdisciplinary research will be encouraged. A vibrant global community of practitioners /organizations who adhere to the science of Ayurved shall bring bright future to Ayurved as well as human race.

The event concluded with a common pledge for Ayurved. The attendees vowed to serve and propogate Ayurved in every possible way.