Vd. Y. G. Joshi Uvaach (Hindi Version)


In this series of Lectures, Vd.Y.G.Joshi has addressed the points which are considered to be complicated, in a manner that every student of Ayurved faculty can understand the meaning as well as deeper meaning of treatise.

Born in an educated Hindu family at Nipani, Vd.Y.G.Joshi is nationally recognized as Eminent Physician, Panchakarma Therapist & Extremely Popular Teacher. Vd. Y.G. Joshi inherited Aushadhi Nirman & liking for Ayurved Shastra from his father, Vd.G.R.Joshi, a renowned Vaidya who decidated his entire life for Ayurved.

Post acquiring G.F.A.M. (Mumbai), India H.P.A.(Jamanagar),Vd.Y.G.Joshi soon developed accurate diagnosis, innovative use of Rudha Aushadhis, completely new outlook towards Ayurvedeeya Siddhanta & skill of successfully applying Sootraroopa Granthokta knowledge in Practice under the able guidance of his Guru Vaidyaraj Mama Gokhale, who imparted all his knowledge to this young aspirant.

Vd. Y. G. Joshi has achieved mastership in teaching subjects like Shareerkriya dealing with fundamental Ayurvedic principles, Kayachikitsa related to Rugna & Chikitsa in a very easy & understandable way.

Vd. Y. G. Joshi has decorated various designations till today in his illustrious career spanning over 50 yrs & also been part of various events. Has penned more than 25 books useful for students, teachers & Chikitsaks. He is the author of nationally acclaimed commentary on "CHARAKA-SAMHITA", spanning 1600 pages.

  • 'Yadunathji Thatte Paritoshik' for his Research based work on Ayurved.
  • 'Karmabhushan Puraskar' from Rastriya Shikshan Mandal.
  • 'Vd. Yadavji Trikamji Acharya' Grantha Paritoshik.
  • 'Ayurved Peeyushpani' Puraskar' of Akhil Bharatiya Vaidyak Mahasammelan.


Kayachikitsa - Ailment wise