Padmabhushan Late Vaidya Shriramji Sharma Smarak Vyakhkyan 2020 and SHEEV Jeevan Gaurav Puraskar

SHEEV Jeevan Gaurav Puraskar 2020 and Padmabhushan Late Vaidya Shriramji Sharma Smarak Vyakhkyan 2020 was organised by Ayurvidya Prasarak Mandal, Sion and Mumbai Vaidya Sabha on Thursday, January 16, 2020.

The function started with the felicitation ceremony of Vaidyaraj Shri. Shrinivas Dattatray Jalukar and Vaidyaraj Shri. Vitthal Narhar Ketkar who were the recipients of the prestigious 'SHEEV Ayurved Jeevan Gaurav Puraskar 2020'. Vaidya Bharati Athavale, Former Head of Kayachikitsa Department, and Ayurved stalwart and Founder President of Ayurved Vyaspeeth, Vaidya Vinay Velankar gave a brief introduction of Vaidya Shrinivas Jalukar's and Vaidya Vitthal Ketkar's achievements & accomplishments in the field of Ayurved, respectively.

Vaidyaraj Shri. Shrinivas Dattatray Jalukar has devoted his entire life in teaching and treating the patients selflessly at Ayurved Hospital, Sion and his life's mission has been 'Learn, Teach, and Practice' which has inspired generations of Vaidyas. Vaidyaraj Shri. Vitthal Narhar Ketkar, after completing his education, worked selflessly for his Alma mater Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Sion and contributed as a key person in the renaissance of the Institution.

Both the revered Vaidyas were felicitated at the hands of Shri. Ranjit Puranik, President, Ayurvidya Prasarak Mandal and Dr. Ashanand Sawant, Secretary, Mumbai Vaidya Sabha. Vaidya Rajendra Sharma, Secretary, Mumbai Vaidya Sabha, various renowned Vaidyas from Mumbai, teachers as well as students of the college were present at the function.

The felicitation ceremony was followed by Vaidya Shriramji Sharma Smarak Vyakhyan 2020. Vaidya Rajendra SharmaSecretary, Mumbai Vaidya Sabha gave a brief introduction of Padmabhushan Late Vaidya Shriramji Sharma and his inimitable contribution to Ayurved and to the society. The guest lecturer Dr. Sachin Sarpotdar and Vaidya Sham Nabar were welcomed by Vaidya Rajendra Sharma on behalf of Mumbai Vaidya Sabha.

The topic of lecture was 'Experiences and technical guidelines for International practice of Ayurved, Yoga and Panchakarma'. Dr. Sachin Sarpotdar who works as an Ayurved practitioner in India and abroad, a renowned speaker, articulate writer and active mentor for students delivered an informative lecture on the subject from his over 2 decades of globe trotting, for the cause of Ayurved education and practice.

Scope for Ayurved Therapies in foreign countries, tips to prepare yourself to practice authentic Ayurved starting from Ayurvedic knowledge, one selves physical and mental fitness, understanding about the country, their culture and food preparations, knowledge about the language, Prakruti and Aahar, availability of food articles and recipes, were the various topics touched by the eminent Speaker in the memorial lecture.

Shri. Ranjit Puranik reminded the audience about the philosophy behind pure Ayurvedic practice and various effective policies followed by Padmabhushan Late Vaidya Shriramji Sharma and expressed his gratitude towards him. He also expressed his sincere appreciation towards Vaidya Jalukar and Vaidya Ketkar exemplary work in the field of Ayurved.

Vaidya Sham Nabar,Treasurer, Ayurvidya Prasarak Mandal who presided over the function, shared some experiences about Vaidya Jalukar and Vaidya Ketkar regarding their selfless work in the institution and expressed his gratitude on behalf of the institution. He assured that that the important information shared by Dr. Sachin Sarpotdar would definitely inspire students of the institution and help them to achieve success globally as Ayurved practitioners. The function concluded with a National anthem.