Online purchasing has made consumer to get services at door step. Just at one click product is delivered at home.

Can medicines be compared with commodity items like Garment, Electronics, Furniture, Groceries etc.

Sale of medicines is controlled under D&C Act 1940 & Rules 1945. Further there are Controls / Special Warning on Schedule E1 drugs containing poisonous substances to prevent patients from dangerous effects.

There have been incidences where patients reported Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) after Self Medication. In most of the cases it was observed that patient has purchased medicines from On-line stores & was not taking medicines under supervision of Ayurvedic Physician.

Thus the life of patient is at risk when they consume medicines which strictly require prescription & monitoring of Physician.

There are chances when consumer gets confused for medicines names which look similar but have completely different Indications / Therapeutic claim. This may cause wrong e-delivery of medicines & may not be beneficial for patient.

Drug controller of each state need to monitor such e-sale/purchase of prescribed Ayurvedic Drugs & create awareness for using medicines under supervision of Ayurvedic Physician.

Thus the point of discussion for blog readers is “Should patient use On-line mode for buying prescribed medicines? If yes what are measures to prevent any misfortune”.