Tamragarbha Pottali

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Tamragarbha Pottali is an effective Pottali Kalpa in the symptoms of Pranavaha Srotas like cough, breathlessness etc & is well known for the treatment of Rajyakshma

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Shodhit Parada, Shodhit Gandhaka, Suvarna (Svarna) bhasma and Tamra bhasma


Acute and chronic conditions of Pranavaha Srotas viz. Kasa, Shwasa and associated Jwara caused due to Kapha Pradhan Tridosha Vikruti. It is also recommended in text for acute and chronic conditions of Shoola especially Udara-Shoola.


1 Gm


0.5 ratti is the dose mentioned in the text. We recommend 0.5 ratti i.e. 62.5 mg in divided doses depending on the condition of patient and disease, preferably with ginger juice & honey.

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